We Protect Men In An Unfair Legal System

Committed To Protecting Men In Legal Matters

Isaak Law Firm was founded to protect the rights of men in family law and related issues. Melissa Isaak is a passionate, no-nonsense lawyer who believes that husbands and fathers need a voice in an unfair system.

Our law practice exclusively represents men in the family courts of Alabama and Florida to resolve divorce, child custody and other family disputes. We protect men accused of domestic violence or child abuse. We assist men who are forced into bankruptcy by lopsided divorces and child support. We defend men in defamation lawsuits and other legal matters. Isaak Law Firm also owns a house where our male clients can stay when they are removed from their own homes.

Our team is committed to leveling the playing field for men. Read more about our attorneys’ credentials and what drives them:

Why We Focus On Men’s Rights And Father’s Rights

Melissa Isaak knows firsthand that the legal system is deeply biased against men. She saw it growing up, when her own mother alienated and marginalized her father. She saw it as a former therapist to children and teenagers, when dads were routinely blamed for family dysfunction and punished for it in family court. She has seen it time and again as an attorney in divorce proceedings and custody disputes when good men are painted as monstrous spouses or incompetent fathers. Nichole Woodburn likewise became an ardent advocate of father’s rights as the daughter of an active-duty soldier who fought to gain custody of his children.

The system gives lip service to “the best interests of the child” but too often gives credence to blatantly fabricated allegations of abuse and prejudicial “studies” by custody evaluators and guardians ad litem. The result is men whose pockets are picked clean and estranged from their children. This law firm is dedicated to turning that trend around, one case at a time.

Qualified And Committed Protection Of Your Rights

Melissa Isaak is a force to be reckoned with. Her unique background includes active duty service in the Army, a master’s degree in psychology, a second master’s degree in criminal justice, and experience as a child therapist, college professor and military lawyer in the Judge Advocate Corp (JAG). She is licensed in both Alabama and Florida, including federal court for the District of Alabama. Melissa also serves as Executive Director of Fathers’ Rights Movement, a national organization dedicated to empowering fathers to stand up for their rights.

She brings 10 years of focused experience in family law, with notable results in many divorce and custody trials. Her passion, skill and tenacity are your edge in a biased legal system.

We Will Help You Find Your Voice

In family law, emotions lose cases for men and win cases for women. We educate you about the system so that you can demand a fair hearing and put your best foot forward in protecting your rights. You can always count on us for honest advice and faithful representation in and out of court.

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