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Society still thinks dads are incompetent

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Father's Rights

If you end up in divorce court, fighting for the right to see your children and be involved in raising them, you may feel like the court thinks that fathers are incompetent. It may seem that they defer to women and act like you couldn’t possibly raise your kids on your own.

After all, the courts are supposed to focus on the children’s best interests. But what happens when it seems like the court thinks it is in the children’s best interests just to stay with their mother all the time? And why do people still think like this in 2021, when fathers’ roles have massively evolved?

Sitcoms and society still push this myth

Part of the problem is that modern entertainment often portrays fathers this way. Think about the father figure in many TV sitcoms. These men are often shown as people who can barely figure out their own lives, who make numerous astounding mistakes and who are unfit to raise the kids. Time and time again, the mother has to sweep in to save the day.

Now, the trouble isn’t that the court is thinking about the idea of a sitcom dad when making decisions, of course. Rather, the issue lies in the fact that society just accepts and even expects this on a deeper level. That expectation is both reflected in and perpetuated by sitcoms, movies and other types of entertainment. As a result, the first thing that many people think about single fathers or post-divorce fathers is that they must be frazzled and unfit to parent on their own.

This is certainly not an accurate portrayal. Fathers can be terrific parents and they must know how to protect their rights to see their kids.

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