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The myth that men can’t be good single parents

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Father's Rights

You’ve probably heard people complain about how it seems like women always get custody of the children in divorce. Though it doesn’t happen 100% of the time, there is this idea that women are good single parents and that men are not, meaning the children should spend more time with their mothers.

This is clearly inaccurate, as evidenced by the tens of thousands of excellent single fathers out there who love and support their children at every turn. It’s time to put this myth behind us, especially as it prevents fathers from having the relationships with their children that they really want.

Children deserve a relationship with their fathers

The truth is that fathers can be excellent single parents, and they certainly deserve time with their children — just as those children deserve time with their fathers. The world is not the same as it was for previous generations, when men usually worked and women stayed home with the kids. Now, both genders work and both take care of the children. Fathers are not just able to do this, but they are eager to do so. They’ve grown up in a society with more shared roles and they know they can offer everything a child needs as far as support, assistance and a nurturing environment.

This is going to be important moving forward, as single parents continue to grow more common. Fathers must know what rights they have and how they can stay involved. They cannot let outdated myths keep them from raising their children and forging those all-important relationships for years to come.


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