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What can you do when your ex denies your parenting time?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Child Custody

From the moment one spouse files for divorce, there will be a lot of pressure on the relationship each parent has with the children. Whether you negotiated your own parenting plan or litigated your divorce, you should be able to count on spending your court-ordered time with your children. 

Unfortunately, some parents will try to use their children as a weapon to hurt their ex. One parent might unfairly deny or shorten the visitation or parenting time of the other despite a clear custody order. What are your legal rights when your ex interferes in your parenting time? 

You have a right to request enforcement

Technically, your custody order carrying the full weight of the Alabama family courts behind it. When your ex refuses your parenting time or visitation, they violate the court order and could be in contempt of court. 

You can go to the courts and file a petition asking for enforcement, but to do so, you will probably need documentation. If you can support your allegations, the courts could compel your ex to let you make up the missed parenting time or even modify the custody order to give you more time with the kids. 

Keep a written record to help show the issue

Every custody decision that a judge makes will reflect the best interests of the children. One parent intentionally interfering in the custody rights of the other is not good for the children or their parental relationships. 

However, you need proof of what has happened to convince a judge to modify your custody order. Writing down the details of every denied visitation or parenting session can help you show a pattern of behavior that could make it easier for you to get a modification. Standing up for your custody rights during and after a divorce may require some work, but will ultimately benefit you and your kids.

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