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Women end most relationships, even when they blame men

| Oct 29, 2021 | Divorce

Have you ever felt like you’ve been dumped or broken up with numerous times, while the women you date talk about never having been dumped at all? Does it make you question whether or not you’re doing something wrong?

You’re not alone. The reason that this happens is that women are usually the ones to end relationships. This is true when people are dating, co-habiting or married. They may blame their male partners for the break-up, but the reality is that they’re the ones to instigate that break-up, statistically speaking, more of the time. 

Women even think about divorce more often 

It’s not just that women file for divorce more than men; they simply think about it more. You may never have considered leaving your wife, but you can be fairly sure she has thought about leaving you. 

For instance, one study asked couples if they’d thought of leaving a partner in the last 12 months. Of the married men polled, only 13% said that they had. Of the married women, though, a full 20% said they had — nearly twice as many. 

The numbers basically doubled for couples who were living together. Around 26% of men said they’d thought of leaving, but so did a massive 41% of women. Almost half of all women who were living with their partners considered ending their relationships. 

What if your partner files for divorce?

If you’re married and your partner files for divorce, or if you’re living together and share children, you absolutely need to know that she may leave. Take time to learn as much as possible about your legal options now. 


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