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4 tips for fathers in a high-conflict divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2021 | Divorce

A high-conflict divorce can be a messy affair. It occurs when the divorcing couple cannot agree on important issues like child custody or support and property division. If you are involved in a contentious split, it is important to act in ways that protect your interests. Remember, your ex-spouse may be out to paint you in a bad light, and therefore, you should carefully watch your steps.

Here are four things that you can do that will help you along the way if you are a father involved in a contentious divorce.

Use social media with caution

Social media evidence is increasingly becoming important in divorce proceedings. Be careful with whatever you post on social media, as it may affect either your custody or support order. A simple picture of a vacation may lead to many assumptions about your finances which may not be accurate.

Do not put your children in the middle

Children bear the brunt of any divorce, given that they do not fully comprehend the situation with the parents. Therefore, prioritize consistency and maintain routines as much as you can to ease the pressures of divorce. Do not speak ill of your ex-spouse to your children or try to win their affection by spoiling them. Predictive discipline will lead to improved behavior and performance at school.

Organize your finances

Most decisions made during a divorce will affect your finances in one way or the other. In light of such developments, it is necessary to organize your finances and gather important documents like tax returns, credit card statements, and any business financial records that you may want to make apparent.

Understand your legal rights

Protect your interests in a high-conflict divorce by learning more about what the law says. It will ensure that you are not caught flat-footed, especially when it comes to property division and the custody of the children. Above all, you will be able to plan for anything that may come up along your divorce proceedings.

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