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My wife insists on divorcing. What if I balk and refuse?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Divorce

When your wife, who is your beloved life partner, suddenly announces she wants a divorce, it can floor you. You may have sensed that there were rifts in the relationship, but nothing that warranted a permanent split.

She is practically out the door to see an attorney and set the legal process in motion. You, on the other hand, are still reeling and wondering how things soured so badly, at least in your spouse’s opinion. On top of that, as if things weren’t bad enough, you feel like you are being cast as the villain, when you are actually not wholly to blame.

Why wives demand a divorce

There are so many possibilities, but here are some typical scenarios.

  •   She stopped viewing you in a romantic way.
  •       You meaninglessly flirted with someone else. Or she wrongly suspects you did.
  •       Maybe the marriage became overly stale and hum-drum for her.
  •       The broken promise syndrome, such as you vowed to take her on an exciting vacation minus the kids, then you didn’t.
  •   Her best friend, sibling, mom or another trusted confidant has been disparaging you constantly and it finally all sunk in.

Is saving your marriage an option?

If you are not ready to walk away from your marriage, there are tactics you can try to get things back on track. Your wife may have lost touch with the person you were when you were courting her. The same may be true for you as well. Rediscovering the passion between the two of you may not be easy or even possible, but it merits a good-faith try.

If it turns out that a divorce is going to happen despite your persistence, make protecting your best interests a priority. Have someone trustworthy on your side to help and keep everything from getting contentious. You’ll want to preserve your happiness, reputation and relationship with your children, no matter what.



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