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Transition days should be as easy as possible for the kids

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Child Custody

The day when a child goes from one parent’s house to the other is something that some children dread. They know they will miss the parent they’re leaving but they look forward to the time with the other parent. 

For some children, the thought of their parents having to be in the same place is upsetting. This is either because they think that their parents will argue or because they’ve dealt with fighting between them in the past. It’s up to the parents to do what they can to make these transition days a bit easier. 

Save disagreements for another time

Disagreements between parents are hard for a child to handle. Try to make transition days as peaceful as possible for them by eliminating these disagreements. You and your ex-wife can always discuss those matters at another time when the children aren’t around. 

Limit packing between homes

Another issue for some children is that they have to pack bags with each transition. Having clothes at each home makes it a lot easier for the child to go back and forth. The child will likely feel better knowing that they have their own things and their own spot at each home. Some items, such as school books, sports equipment, and some medical needs might still need to be transported between homes, but not having to worry about clothing and similar items should still be beneficial.

People who are dealing with child custody situations should do what they can to make things easier on the children. Working with your ex to ensure that transition days are stress-free is important so that the kids aren’t nervous about these days. Your parenting plan can set the expectations for how the situation is handled. 

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