We Protect Men In An Unfair Legal System

Get The Time With Your Children That You Deserve

During child custody negotiations, it is very common for the father to feel that he has no hope of earning majority custody or even split custody of his child. This feeling can be due to the results that repeatedly come from a broken justice system when the court grants the mother custody even if she is not the fittest parent.

Here at the Isaak Law Firm, our Alabama family law firm fights for the parental rights of men facing divorce. We are tired of hearing stories about how perfectly good fathers lose custodial rights to mothers for no reason other than gender bias, and we have made it our priority to protect men from gender bias in the courtroom.

Committed Representation For Fathers

Our team believes that men deserve a fighting chance in their divorce, and we work to give them that opportunity. We have more than a decade of experience helping fathers protect their rights and secure a fair and just outcome in their divorces.

We take the time to understand the unique factors of your divorce in order to create a custom-tailored strategy that can bolster your odds of securing the result you are looking for in your child custody negotiations. If negotiations are not yielding the results you are looking for, you can count on us to utilize our knowledge and litigation skills to protect you.

You should not be subjugated to alternating weekends of custody simply because you are the father. Let us stand up for your rights as a parent through every step of your divorce.

Begin Defending Your Rights Today

If you are looking for an Alabama attorney you can trust to help you secure the best possible outcome in your divorce, contact us today. You can schedule your initial consultation with our team at our Enterprise, Montgomery or Birmingham office by calling us at 334-770-4MEN or emailing us here. Choose an attorney who fights against the discrimination that men face in family law and begin building a strategy on which you can bet your future.