We Protect Men In An Unfair Legal System

Protecting Fathers From Discrimination During Child Support Negotiations

As fathers go through the divorce process, they may quickly feel the pressure of a broken law system coming down on them. The divorce process is heavily skewed in favor of wives and mothers going through divorces, which is why men need something to help tip the scales back into a fair position.

Here at the Isaak Law Firm, we are an Alabama law firm with a team that’s dedicated to protecting men from discrimination during the divorce process and helping them secure the best possible outcomes in their divorces. We know the biases that men often face during divorce, and we know how to combat them to benefit fathers who are just trying to keep things fair.

Keep Crocodile Tears Out Of Negotiations

Our firm has more than a decade of experience in family law matters. We have seen countless cases in which mothers will try to play the victims to maximize the alimony and child support they receive in a divorce. We do not stand for this kind of behavior, and we put pressure on the process to ensure that the calculations for child support are based solely on facts, not feelings.

Child support values should reflect only the relevant factors, such as:

  • The gross monthly income of each parent
  • Any monthly alimony support that a parent is receiving
  • Day care costs
  • Health care costs

When one of these or other relevant factors change after a court has already established child support, we can also help you amend the divorce agreement to reflect the current situation rather than have you continue to live with an outdated agreement.

Choose An Attorney Who Can Protect Your Rights

We want to help you secure the results you deserve in your child support negotiations. If negotiations do not result in the outcome you deserve, we are not afraid to take things into litigation.

See for yourself how committed we are to your cause by calling us at 334-770-4MEN or emailing us here to schedule your initial consultation at our Enterprise, Montgomery or Birmingham office today.